the happiness

Listen to your customers and employees - gather feedback on the spot or online.

your performance

Keep an eye on your business performance with our intelligent reporting service.

your business

Check your progress, share your results with customers and employees, and develop your business through improved satisfaction.

Let our Smileys improve your customer experiences
and workplace happiness

Smiley Terminals & Reporting Service

Learn how well you perform to your service promise by collecting feedback instantly at the point-of-experience.
Our Smiley Terminals capture the feedback, and our Reporting Service analyses and reports all of your feedback data back to you.

Also available: Web smileys

Do you know what your online visitors' experiences are when visiting your website or webshop? Our web smileys will tell you. Web Smileys are an effective and easy way to collect feedback from your customers and employees online.

NEW! Open feedback feature available! See the demo below.